Face Masks

Although our business is making beautiful things for dogs, we've had a lot of requests for reusable fabric face coverings for humans! 

Government advice in many countries now recommends the use of a face covering in public places where social distancing is not always possible, in order to help minimise the spread of the Covid-19 virus*.

So whether you're using public transport, visiting shops or walking the dog through a public park, you may wish, or be required, to wear a face covering.


BlossomCo's new face coverings provide an attractive and stylish option to help cater for this.

  • Made with a double layer of 100% cotton fabric in a great choice of designs
  • An inside pocket is provided between the two layers for you to slide in an additional layer of your own filter if you wish (kitchen paper, coffee filter paper etc).
  • Easy to put on - and keep on!
  • The face covering is held in place by two adjustable loops of elastic that fit around the head for greater comfort compared most face masks that loop around the ears.
  • Easy to wear with spectacles
  • Easy to wear with hearing aids
  • No irritation around ears unlike most face masks
  • Reusable
  • Machine washable
  • Made in Great Britain 
  • Multi Purchase Discounts - see below


How to put on a BlossomCo Face Covering

reusable fabric face coveringreusable fabric facemaskreusable face coverings

Just fit the lower loop completely over your head, pull the covering close to position over your face and then stretch the upper loop over and behind your head. Adjust to suit.


Shop the collection below and choose your favourite style(s)!

** Multi-purchase Discounts **
Buy 2 or more BlossomCo Face Coverings (any designs) 
and get a reduced price on them all.

You may like to have more than one face covering - one to
wear currently while the other is being washed or sanitised.

Or buy them for other members of your household.
Either way, take advantage of our multiple purchase discount.


*Please note that these face coverings are not medical grade facemasks and no claims are made regarding protection against virus transmission and spread etc.