Bugalugs Dog Shampoo

The one we use on Flora.

Flora loves fox poo - We don't love that she does!

That moment when she comes back from a walk or run around the field and you realise that stain across the back of her shoulder ab-sol-ute-ly reeks but she looks pleased as can be.... 

That's when the Bugalugs shampoo for dogs comes out!

Bugalugs Dog Shampoo

Or even just after a good old muddy walk when the mud has gone way past her paws and her chest and tummy is no longer the light golden colour it should be.

Bugalugs dog shampoo is vegan friendly, paraben free, not tested on animals, is made in the UK and is scented about right to make you forget the fox poo ever existed! 

It's concentrated so once it's properly diluted, the bottle lasts a long time and is good value. 

Buy a bottle here and try it out - Bugalugs Dog Shampoo

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