Does My Dog Love Me?

Graeme Hall's book, Does My Dog Love Me?, asks and answers many great questions that will help you understand your dog better.

Questions such as "Do dogs get jealous?", "Do dogs smile?", "Do dogs remember?", "On or off the lead?" and many, many more..

Answers to these and other topics examine the meaning of your dog's body language, understanding their reaction to common mistakes that both owners and other people make around dogs, and how to build a more rewarding relationship for both you and your dog.

Does My Dog Love Me Book by Graeme Hall

 The author, Graeme Hall, is one of the UK's top dog trainers and television presenter of dog programs.

His writing style makes this book a very easy read, and lends itself to 'dibbing in' for a few pages at a time over a morning coffee, or a full read through from start to finish!

You can find out more and get your copy of Does my Dog Love Me? here.

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