Gencon Head Collar

If your dog tends to pull on its lead when being walked and you'd like to exercise a little gentle restraint on them, then consider using a head collar.

When we're going to be walking along roads or pavements for example, and a little closer control is required, that's when we slip the Gencon Head Collar over Flora's head (likewise with our friend Norman, below!).

Gencon head collar for dogs to stop pulling on walks

It's a one piece head collar in a kind of figure of 8 loop. The main loop slides over the dog's head and around its neck - the other half of the loop slides over their nose.

If (when) the dog pulls on their lead, both loops tighten slightly and gently restricts their head causing the dog to back off from the restriction. Only gentle pressure is required with no sharp tug needed.

The head collar finishes in a D-ring to clip your lead to it as shown in the photo above - and a BlossomCo lead is an ideal length to use with it.

We also like the Gencon head collars because they're made in Britain by a small business too.

The Gencon head collar comes in a variety of colours and sizes which you can see by clicking either of the links below.

Depending which side of you that you walk your dog, you'll either need the left hand or right hand version.

Gencon Head Collar - Right hand version - use for walking your dog on your right.

Gencon Head Collar - Left hand version - use for walking your dog on your left.


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