Ciara Liberty Art Fabrics print bowtie for dogs


Ciara - Liberty Art Fabrics Dog Bowtie

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Handmade in England using the absolutely gorgeous Ciara Liberty fabric, this dog bowtie is just beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Did we say we think it's a beautiful bowtie for dogs by the way!

Both the front and reverse sides of the bowtie are in the same 100% cotton fabric.

Elastic loops on the reverse side allow the bowtie to easily slide onto any collar, including the matching Ciara collar by BlossomCo.

Size: Approximately 11cm wide (widest points) by 7cm tall (at edges)

See the matching dog collar and lead in this gorgeous Ciara Liberty Art Fabrics print and get the complete outfit for your dog!

BlossomCo Bandanas come in our standard size of medium and small.

Due to their tie-knot nature, they are extremely flexible in their fit.

The small size is best suited to Chihuaha type dogs, with the medium size fitting most dogs up to Terrier and Spaniel size.